SwissCollNet setzt sich für eine bessere Erschliessung naturhistorischer Sammlungen in der Schweiz ein. Eine gemeinsame Vision und langfristige Strategie fördert die Nutzung der Sammlungen durch die Forschung, Lehre und Gesellschaft.

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The main objectives are to modernise and digitise the collections and provide an open-access to harmonised specimen data through an online portal, the Swiss Virtual Natural History Collection (SVNHC).

To this end, the available funds will be invested to develop the SVNHC as well as to condition, integrate, modernise and digitise collections in Switzerland.

Swiss public and non-profit natural-history collection-holding institutions are invited to participate by submitting project proposals and thus sustain the initiative with their professional experience and expert knowledge.

Current activities

Deliverables are defined in the mandate and described in more detail in the "Implementation plan SwissCollNet 2021-2024".

Past activities