SwissCollNet si impegna a migliorare l'accessibilità delle collezioni di storia naturale. Una visione comune e una strategia a lungo termine promuoveranno l'uso delle collezioni di storia naturale per la ricerca, l'insegnamento e la società.

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The Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) and a large network of experts from museums, botanical gardens, institutions of higher education and partners have joined forces to launch SwissCollNet, the Swiss Natural History Collections Network.

With more than 60 million specimens of animals, plants, fungi, rocks, soil samples and fossils, Switzerland’s museums, universities, and botanical gardens store a remarkable scientific and patrimonial national treasure. However, less than one in five of these objects is digitized. This means that a large part of some unique data on biodiversity and the environment is not easily accessible for research, education and society.

SwissCollNet aims to unite all Swiss natural history collections, large or small, under a shared vision and with a common strategy to promote their importance, harness their scientific value for research and develop their educational potential for science and society.


Rete svizzera delle collezioni di storia naturale (SwissCollNet)
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Imaging station at the ETHZ-ENT in Zürich
The Confederation supports SwissCollNet and its digital platform of natural science collections for research

The federal government is promoting an improved access to natural science collections with a total amount of CHF 12.37 million until 2024. The digitised collections provide unique data for climate,

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Collection entomologique
La Suisse fait un mauvais usage de ses collections scientifiques

La Suisse tend à faire mauvais usage de ses vastes collections de sciences naturelles, lesquelles contiennent plus de 60 millions d'objets. À l'heure actuelle, seulement 17 % des objets sont

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