SwissCollNet is committed to improving the accessibility of natural history collections. A common vision and long-term strategy will promote the use of natural history collections for research, education and society.

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Board of Experts


The Board of Experts (BoE) is in charge of the technical and scientific expertise within SwissCollNet. The expertise of the board members covers the fields of collection management, specimen databasing and digitisation, as well as training, education and a connection with the international organisations, projects or initiatives in the field.


  • Curator at the Natural History Museum of Geneva
  • Representative of the Swiss Systematics Society
  • Chief Curator, head of the Research & Collections Unit at the Natural History Museum of Geneva
  • Adjunct Professor at the University of Geneva
  • Member of the executive committee of GBIF-CH
  • Head of Life Sciences and Curator of the Invertebrates Collection at the Natural History Museum Basel
  • Curator of the Entomology Collection at the ETH - Zürich
  • Curator of the Cryptogams Collection at the Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques of the City of Geneva
  • Head of Science

Curator of the Earth Sciences Collections