Calls for proposals

The main objectives of SwissCollNet calls for project proposal are to modernise and digitise the collections and provide access to specimen data through an online portal, the Swiss Virtual Natural History Collection.

Projects funded by SwissCollNet will rely on and implement the recommendations published in the handbook, with an emphasis on three fields: collection management, databasing/digitisation and training:

Collection management focuses on conditioning and integrating specimens into the collections and their databases, with an emphasis on un-accessioned objects or collections of particular national or international importance. It also includes the revision of existing databases and collections to modernise the scientific collections and facilitate data transfer with the SVNHC.

The long-term accessibility of the scientific community to the specimens held in the collections, both the physical objects and the digital information associated to them, requires their ongoing curation, databasing and digitisation. The focus lies on making specimen data digitally available and interconnected.

Implementing state-of the-art quality standards for collection management, taxonomic revisions, modernisation and digitisation requires training opportunities for the collection managers and collection staff. The relevant training occasions may take place within specific projects in the Swiss collection-holding institutions as well as within the framework of exchange programmes with leading international museums.

Types of projects

The following conditions apply to all projects funded by SwissCollNet:

  1. 1)All projects have to demonstrate a clear and practical step towards nationwide interoperability of specimen data. In that respect, specimen conditioning/determination should be coupled with data digital mobilisation.
  2. 2)All data generated within these projects should be open data, i.e. findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable for anyone without restrictions (if not protected by ethical clauses, by nature conservation regulations or international multilateral environmental agreements).
  3. 3)The projects should be collaborative and benefit from as well as enhance the network between institutions.
  4. 4)The matching funds principle applies for all financial contributions, i.e. the participating institutions must provide their own contributions (in cash and/or in kind) to at least match the funds provided by SwissCollNet.


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